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Long time no news in English. We are very sorry, but we were very busy in the meantime. We did some very successfully radio plays ("Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs"), dubs of life action films and Anime movies and series like "Street Fighter - The New Challengers" (based on the popular video game series) and "La Storia della Arcana Famiglia" (a brand new Anime series).

We finished more episodes of Japanese animation. Besides that, we are glad that the pre-production of our secret project is going to be finished soon.

Besides some little audiobooks, we are dubbing some more Anime mini series at the moment. Of course we are handling castings, recording, script and mixing all inhouse. The results will be great.

At the moment we are working as keen as mustard on our secret project. The release will be probably late summer. Fans of animated classics will be pleased. Furthermore, we finished recording two Anime mini series. Now the time has come for our sound editors.

A happy new year 2011. Sparking Entertainment would like to thank all partners and customers who worked with us in 2010. In 2011, we will continue to be at your service, whether it will be localisation, dubbing, radio commercials or audio books.

It's time to part from "Voltron - Defender of the Universe". It was a wonderful experience and we are proud to have dubbed a total of 52 episodes of this animation classic.

"The Landlord" is in the can and the mixing is finished. The next will be a secret project. Our work is full of fun and zeal.

Next week we will dub "The Landlord". A horror comedy movie which resembles the good old horror movies from the 80's. The customer wants a funny oldschool dub. We will do nothing less.

In the next weeks we will simultaneously record in Cologne and Munich. Five lost episodes from the Japanese animation classic "Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs". We are very proud to be able to dub this and we are happy to get the old, original voice talents from Munich.

Our new telephone number is "+49 (0) 2203 9079994".

All voices for "Kampf der Titanen - Der Zorn der Götter" (also known as "Wrath of Titans") are in the can. Now it's time for audio editing.

The recording for "Voltron - Defender of the Universe" Volume 5 is finished. We could even make some for Volume 6, thanks to our great time management.

The dubbing for the cartoon "Voltron - Defender of the Universe" continues.

Finally online! Our web site has received a makeover. Beside the new navigation menu and the improved design, you are finally able to listen to a few samples of our work.

Recording and mixing for "Street Fighter - Round one: Fight!" are complete. Our days were crammed with work but it was fun and the final result has already been acclaimed behind closed doors.

Recordings for the Children's Radio Play "Lars die Eule" are complete.

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